"The aim of architecture is to create spaces to serve society and in order to achieve this, the architect must understand human activities from the standpoints of history, ecology and changing trends. He must also know the relationship existing between human activities and architectural spaces and processes by means of which these relationships develop"
Fumikho Maki

In 1999, after having a thorough experience in the field, I started my own practice- Stonehenge & have worked on design projects that vary from residences, institutions, hotels & resorts, renovations to interior designing. The firm also undertakes execution of interiors, done by organized teams ranging from masons, carpenters, plumbers, to paint and tile laying personnel. Detail interiors and wrought iron work are my forte. Having the expertise in using natural materials & experimenting with different constructional methods gives the firm its own distinct identity. Some of my projects have been featured in leading design magazines.

Having designed over 60 projects that cater to a clientele ranging from the lower middle class to the corporate, the focus is not on size or budgets, but on delivering a quality tailor-made project which in turn gives immense satisfaction to all involved. There has been no conscious need to advertise oneself- word of mouth, has done the needful. Almost all clients have given me the freedom to design the entire project, so every project has been very a fulfilling experience. But it was Hotel Gautam - a 72 room castle-style resort in Goa which was part of the A+D (architecture + design) Awards that earned praise because of the planning, scale and the detailing.

As architects we have to be responsible enough and realize that we are creating "history for the future". In recent times, the profession has been mainly catering to the rich & famous. One has to develop energy efficient & ecologically sensitive construction materials & techniques adapting to the needs of the common man.

Elizabeth Kurian-Joseph
Principal Architect